Many PCPs still believed that hepatitis C virus (HCV) was incurable, so they seldom acted to help their HCV-infected patients. Gilead Sciences asked us to convince PCPs that they should take action now because advances in HCV treatment have made cure more accessible. We developed a disease awareness campaign using shattered HCV viruses as a metaphor for cure. All tactics featured our call to action: Screen. Diagnose. Refer. The campaign succeeded in gaining the attention of PCPs and changing their mindsets regarding HCV.

The campaign also won an Rx Club Gold Award for best integrated campaign and Awards of Excellence for individual tactics, as well as a Global Awards Finalist Certificate.

Seborrheic dermatitis makes patients feel very self-conscious and embarrassed. To differentiate Promiseb® Topical Cream, we wished to make dermatologists understand how their patients feel. Our concept used real-life items representing seb derm symptoms, juxtaposed against lighthearted illustrations of patients. This captivating and engaging imagery memorably communicated to dermatologists that Promiseb® Topical Cream can create a transformation for their patients.

The campaign also won a Global Award Finalist Certificate, several Rx Club Awards of Excellence, and a DxMA Excellence in Marketing award.

Trofile was the only companion diagnostic for maraviroc, a CCR5 receptor antagonist. Our “Trofile Profile” campaign communicated that the test identifies each patient’s tropism, helping predict response to therapy. Product awareness increased from 1 out of 4 physicians before launch to 3 out of 5 physicians 8 months later. After launch, we were asked to handle other branding opportunities.

The campaign also won several DxMA Excellence in Marketing awards and RxClub Awards of Excellence.

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